Additional Resources

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) provides brochures with information about the Council/Manager Form of Government and a comparison between the Mayor & Manager Forms of Government. ICMA packets are available online.



The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) provides a packet which describes Connecticut’s Charter Revision process and the different forms of municipal government. Also provided is a model city charter from the National Civic League. 

Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM)
545 Long Wharf Drive
8th Floor
New Haven, CT  06511
T: 203-498-3000
F: 203-562-6314
Web Site:



The Connecticut Council of Small Towns (COST) is an advocacy organization committed to giving small towns a strong voice in the legislative process. Its members are Connecticut towns with populations of less than 30,000.  COST is the only statewide organization dedicated exclusively to serving the interests of Connecticut’s small towns. 

Connecticut Council of Small Towns
1245 Farmington Avenue, 101 
West Hartford, CT 06107
T: 860-676-0770
F: 860-676-2662
Web Site:



The National Civic League, a nonpartisan citizens group, which serves as a clearinghouse for information on improving local and state government, citizen participation, and model municipal charters. 

National Civic League
190 East 9th Avenue
Suite 440
Denver, CO  80203
T: 303-571-4343
F: 303-571-4404
Web Site: