What is important to you in a career? What motivates you? What makes you feel as though you have accomplished something positive? A career in local government is an excellent option for those who have a passion for public service. Public service is often about what you give rather than what you receive, and putting the collective good before the needs of individuals. It is about leadership, empowerment, innovation, empowerment, relationships, and possibility.

Managing the services that affect the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens in a community can be complex and challenging. Whether it’s resolving a significant issue for the community or answering a simple question for a resident who did not know where to turn, public service offers professional satisfaction from delivering both large and small results. Local government career professionals may not come from a common background. However, they all are highly motivated and dedicated to their profession and the people they serve. They tackle the day-to-day issues that have an impact on most of the people in the world. They ensure the provision of vital community services, such as emergency services, water, wastewater, refuse collection, building development, housing services, social services, financial stewardship of tax dollars, and general administration services, to citizens and taxpayers, while maintaining the profession's high ethical standards in a continually changing environment. Today, more than ever, a local government professional must be able to think through solutions and work with others toward a common objective.

Local government service is a calling few hear and even fewer answer. As a local government career professional, you can be a member of an organization that is focused on service to you as you focus on service to others. Join us!

If you choose a career in professional local government management, you will:

  1. Have the opportunity to impact people‘s lives.
  2. Have diverse responsibilities that vary from day-to-day. There is never a “routine” day in local government management.
  3. Solve problems by challenging yourself and others.
  4. Work with colleagues and contemporaries who accept high ethical standards and who actively support these standards through their decisions.
  5. Know that you can turn to like-minded people for professional guidance to your questions, because they want you to succeed.
  6. Be a leader and work with other leaders for the betterment of community.